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Executive Outplacement (executives and leaders)

If you are looking for highly qualitative outplacement, a guarantee of successful and long-term professional repositioning, at A-Th, you will benefit from:

  • 'Full Outplacement,' without a time limit, with guaranteed results.
  • A team of experienced, certified coaches, former HR directors of multinational corporations, with strong expertise and values. The quality of the coach is crucial, and the coach-coached match is paramount.
  • A proven methodology, always face-to-face. Human contact is greatly prioritized.
  • At A-Th, outplacement is not an e-learning journey; the digital platform is just a support.
  • A customized journey, according to your needs, timing, always adapted case by case.
  • Specific support for launching an independent career or creating/taking over a business, as more than 20% of executives wish to do each year, currently.
  • A network of offices in Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Outplacement services in French, Dutch, German, or English.
  • A network of partners in 41 countries (US, EU, Asia, Africa, Oceania) for international job searches.
  • A reputation and networking with major industrial and service clients from all sectors, built over nearly 40 years of existence.
  • The expertise of a pioneering outplacement agency in Belgium (1984), the initiator of the code of ethics, quality, and values of the profession (CCT51)."

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