Our history

Our history

A-Th is originally the story of a turnaround, that of André Thioux, who, following his unexpected mid-career dismissal while serving as HR Director for a multinational, decides to change direction. He embarks on entrepreneurship and establishes a pioneering Outplacement company in Belgium, A-Th & Associates, in 1984.

A-Th, a second-generation story.

A-Th is now a second-generation family story. His daughter, Christine, decides to acquire the company in 2020 with the goals of perpetuating the family project and, above all, innovating and giving the company a new dimension in resonance with her own values.

Dare to have managerial courage and the courage to make difficult decisions to drive change in the business world.

Its creed ?

Businesses are key players in the economic world. Therefore, they have the power to drive its evolution. They have the power to change the world.

The challenges we collectively face are colossal, and we all need a good dose of courage at every moment to overcome them.

The purpose of A-Th ?

A-Th exists to mend a small part of the economic world pushed to the extreme, by developing the best of the business system and limiting its excesses.

How ?

By doing what we do best: supporting and strengthening employees, managers, and executives mentally and in their capacity for action, in order to achieve results commensurate with the challenges of the business and society.

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