Our values

Our values

Only courage and audacity can lead us to shift the world towards the values we want to see thrive tomorrow in our businesses and for future generations.

At A-Th., the values we share and that live within us and around us are:

  • Courage: daring to express one's voice, daring to decide to last.
  • Sustainability: Prioritizing the long term; thinking and acting for tomorrow.
  • Trust : internal and towards others, being loyal, playing collectively.
  • Commitment : flourishing, learning, challenging, surpassing oneself.

Dare to choose the long term over immediacy.

The mayfly,

Our logo:

This small, seemingly insignificant insect, with a lifespan of only a few days, appeared during the Carboniferous period, approximately 280 to 350 million years ago; it is the oldest winged insect still alive on the planet.

As a crucial link in the food chain, the mayfly symbolizes adaptation and sustainability during its brief and fleeting time on Earth.

In the same way, we, HR Consultants / Coaches / Experts, are transient beings at certain key moments in your lives within your organizations.

Our added value is useful and significant, but above all, make us non-essentiel as quicky as possible!

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