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Serge Thioux

HR Senior Consultant – Organizational psychologist

Holding a Master's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology (University of Liège), I began my career in Human Resources where I could develop skills in all areas handled by the HR department of a large multinational: social legislation, contracts and work regulations, payroll, recruitment, industrial relations, training, and personal development..

I have had the opportunity to deepen these subjects in various sectors such as logistics and aviation, the healthcare industry, large-scale retail, and... the social sector.

In 2008, I joined the family company where I split my time between Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In addition, I continued my education, especially in professional coaching at the Gregory Bateson Institute (Palo Alto School) in brief therapies, systemic and behavioral approaches. I also engaged with various employer associations (APM, Groupement du Québec, CCI, etc.).

Focused on the human aspect, with modesty and benevolence, I accompany individuals in their pursuit of dreams and stars! ;-)

And personally, as a principled epicurean, I cherish deep relationships, good music (the old kind!), and nature through beautiful travels and walks in our magnificent Ardennes.

'Such is my quest, Follow the star, Regardless of my chances, Regardless of the time...' he said...

Some see themselves as dreamers, while others consider themselves more realistic...

Our culture, education, situation, and perhaps even our generation... there are many reasons why we constrain ourselves all too often.

Time flies, and the walls may not be impossible to move, so let's allow ourselves to get closer to our dreams and stars (and why not reach them?)!!!

« L’inaccessible étoile » (French citation)

Jacques Brel

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