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Valérie Malisse

Creator of magical triggers - Coach

Trained as a chemist, I have developed the art of creating these magical triggers that enable leaders and their teams to express their talents.

After 24 years of managing transformations and team cohesion in the corporate world, I wanted to offer my experience as a 'performance catalyst' for the benefit of everyone.

Aware that the world of organizations is changing, I bring my strengths to your service. With my passion for the human being, I offer you my entrepreneurial vision and expertise in transition to unleash your potential and that of your teams.

Together, through 'coaching in the field' and my motto (Authenticity + Solidarity = Freedom), we can lead you towards sustainable management and leadership with the focus: 'Great people bring excellent results.'

As a performance catalyst, I accompany with humanism, kindness, authenticity, and a gentle yet candid and mischievous acidity. Energetic and authentic, I guide you towards the best in yourself and the group. Structured and pragmatic, my continuous improvement solutions step by step lead towards the desired goal together. And even beyond!

As the mother of two young adults in the making, my most beautiful laboratory is my own life path. I am also a co-author of the book 'Balancez vos ondes positives' (Throw Your Positive Waves)

"Courage is a middle ground between fear and audacity."


Expertises :

Individualized support

Team support (all levels)

Team dynamics and leadership

Collective intelligence

Participative leadership

Support for business transitions


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